Available courses

The Software Engineering class.

The network programming course is application oriented. We will introduce scripting languages such as PHP and Javascript, but not limited to. We may also introduce the socket-level programming.

In this course, we learn the procedural program development. We will also go through most of the important topics for programming in C.

The linux system

Source code management tools: Makefile and version control

The 23 design patterns.

Software development lifecycle and requirements.

In this course, we learn the database systems by following the application development phases. In other words, analysis, design, and implementation. We focus on enterprise data modeling, relational data modeling, and SQL statements.

Basic Java Programming

The study guide of the book:

C Programming - A Modern Approach

We will briefly review the procedural approach. Then, we learn how to develop an application in terms of an object oriented system. The language used in this class is C++.

This course is intended to be an information hub for learning python language.


Client-side JavaScript

CGI level programming: CGI/Servlet

Introduction to Socket API

Some common information for the other course, such as the programming development environment setup.